Spider-Man: Far From Home

Despite the fact that the only city in the film that actually got destroyed instead of CGI destroyed was London, I really enjoyed the film. (I just re-read that and if you haven’t seen the film you’re going to think the visual effects team literally destroyed London, and that is not at all the case. So if that first sentence didn’t make sense to you, stop reading and go and see the movie!)
This film must have felt like I did at school that time I had to follow the smartest kid in class with the best presentation with my ‘Can we just talk about how good the Hunger Games is?’ presentation. Honestly though, how does anyone follow Endgame?

Far From Home was a breath of fresh air after the devastation of Infinity War/Endgame. The writers did what everyone was hoping and brushed on the whole “what happened after the pre/post/current effects of the multiple snaps?” I personally would have liked to have found out a bit more about how the world coped with the weird age gaps that now exist between wives/husbands/children etc. I mean, people have missed 5 years of their children lives, thats quite a big deal. But we did get a short section about how it effected Peter Parker’s high school which was both hilarious and rewarding.

The film opened with a brilliant powerpoint presentation showing the Avengers we lost to the soundtrack of Whitney Houstons ‘I Will Always Love You’, which unsurprisingly included Captain America. He is either seen as ‘dead’ to the rest of the world or he would have just died anyway because he’s now like, really really old.

Unfortunately I already knew the twist that was coming regarding Mysterio after reading my Marvel Encyclopaedia before seeing the film (I know, more fool me, right?) but despite my prior knowledge, Mysterio’s big reveal was my favourite scene. It was so exciting to see Jake Gyllenhaal in a role like this after all the serious dramas we’ve seen him in in the past and I absolutely loved that evil smirk he gave the camera. As everyone in the audience was figuring out what was happening it was both terrifying and exciting to watch. Not to mention the inclusion of the flashback scenes from the earlier films which just worked perfectly. One thing I really do love about Marvel (other than everything) is that they put content in their films to please the fans but it’s not too overpowering, it’s enough to get the hardcore fans excited but without ruining the film for the newbies. 

We’ve had so many different takes on Spider-Man and although Into The Spider-Verse is my favourite, the Tom Holland era works so well and he’s such a fantastic Peter Parker. His chemistry with Zandaya (MJ) is so believable and his friendship on and off screen with Jacob Batalon (Ned) resonates throughout the film.

I also need to approach those post-credit scenes, because lets be honest, if you’ve seen the Tobey Maguire films this was a very exciting moment. Not only is J K Simmons playing THE SAME CHARACTER that he did in those previous Spidey films, but we also now have confirmation that the Daily Bugle is going to feature. It was a mind blowing moment if I ever knew one.
And if that wasn’t enough, we learn that throughout this film Nick Fury was not Nick Fury at all but the shapeshifter skrull leader Keller who is featured heavily in the previous Marvel adventure, Captain Marvel. But what does this mean? How long has he been using Nick Fury’s appearance and why did Fury need a holiday so badly? How is this going to effect the rest of the MCU? Not to mention, Keller’s wife was sitting in place for Agent Maria Hill so where is she hiding?
They were fantastic post credit scenes and it’s details like this that make these films the roaring success that they are.

Spider-Man: Far From Home is a treat for the whole family and an absolute feast for Marvel fans. The only, tiny, minor disappointment was the fact that we have been completely teased with the chance of seeing the multiverse within the MCU because, I for one, was very excited to see how that was going to be executed. But we can’t win them all.

Far From Home is now storming through the box office in cinemas everywhere. Go and see it!

Spider-Man: Far From Home

SDCC 2018 – Highlights

Sadly, no, I wasn’t there. But hopefully one day I will be.

However, I’m going to briefly discuss my highlights from SDCC which I witnessed from the misery of my own home. Counting down from 5 – 1 I’ll discuss the posters and trailers released at Comic Con…starting with…

5. Aquaman

This poster is awful, too much going on, I’m bored just looking at it.


I’d be as bold to say I am about 10% excited for this film. I’m going to be a bit uncouth when I say it’s because I enjoy the way Jason Mamoa looks, and that’s the only reason. No matter how hard I try, and how many chances I give DC they never seem to impress me and there’s no chance this will change my opinion. Anyone who knows anything about my opinions on films knows I start with the cast, the story comes next and then after that the execution of the story. If the cast is wrong, I won’t be interested. With Aquaman, and the whole DC Universe, the casting for the lead roles (Ben Affleck is exempt from this statement) has always been on point for physicality. Henry Cavill looks like Superman, Gal Gadot looks like Wonder Woman and to continue the trend Jason Mamoa looks like Aquaman which is great. But the supporting cast is always so incredibly weak and just stems from weird casting choices. Amber Heard is not a good actress (I know it’s brutal but it’s my blog so if you don’t like it then don’t read it.) I don’t like her as an actress, there’s absolutely no doubt that she is beautiful, but she can’t act. As we have seen in Magic Mike XXL and from the trailer of her upcoming film London Fields. I also have conflicted views of Nicole Kidman, she’s a fantastic performer no doubt but there’s something I find very hard to watch about her. I did love her in Big Little Lies and I think it gave her a chance to really act, but having her in Aquaman just seems bizarre?! Maybe it’s just me.

You might now be thinking, after I’ve just ripped the film to pieces, why it is featured in my SDCC 2018 Highlights post? well, because although I am not by any stretch of the imagination a DC fan, I enjoy being entertained. DC films are bad comic book films that don’t hold a patch on Marvel, but when me and my friend Neel (@_NeelsReelDeel) go and watch them, we have fun, mostly because we rip them apart, but we still have fun. So yeah, I probably will see Aquaman but no, I probably won’t enjoy it.

Trailer: https://youtu.be/387HZ-Wpgew

4. Shazam!

The poster doesn’t really give anything away except the title, but I like it, it’s simple and to the point. The trailer tells us everything we need to know at this point.


Yep, from one DC film to another. But this one actually looks like it might be quite fun, I like the idea of DC finally not taking itself too seriously. Comedy meets comic book is slowly becoming a hybrid genre of it’s own thanks to the likes of Deadpool and Guardians of the Galaxy and Shazam! looks like it’ll fall perfectly into that category.

Featuring all the generic conventions of an origin story Shazam! looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun and a classic coming of age film. Zachary Levi will be portraying the title role of Shazam! who is the adult super hero that the lead character, Freddy Freeman, can turn into at the use of one magical word.

It looks funny, charming, light hearted and above all else, entertaining

Trailer: https://youtu.be/-oD7B7oiBtw

3. Godzilla: King of Monsters

The poster is okay, it doesn’t really look like a film poster, I think it looks more like the cover of a video game.


Much like many other people I am completely sick of re-makes, re-runs, sequels, prequels etc. However, this one really did spark my fancy. I really enjoyed the 2014 Gareth Edwards Godzilla and because of that I am feeling the hype for King of Monsters. The first teaser trailer released features only Millie Bobby Brown trying to communicate with (as it seems) anyone who will listen. I thought the build up to the release of the trailer was perfect and the suspense was perfect. It seems to be taking a completely new direction compared to the Godzilla films we already know and I’m honestly really looking forward to it.
The official trailer was then dropped a couple of days later (I lost track of time this weekend, it was just film news after film news). I find teasers are a brilliant way to get me interested in a film, their short, to the point and leave you wanting more. More often than not I am then let down by the official trailer because they tell you too much (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom springs to mind), that was not at all the case for King of Monsters, we are introduced to the characters and shown some of the promising visuals but other than that, it’s all we’ve been given. And I loved it. It’s making me intrigued and excited to see the film.
Coming May 2019, Millie Bobby Brown, Vera Farminga, Sally Hawkins and Kyle Chandler will be heading into cinemas to protect the world from the infamous Godzilla.

Teaser: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3741700/videoplayer/vi1254406937

Trailer: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3741700/videoplayer/vi2143795993

2. Glass

I absolutely love this poster, I found myself staring at it for ages after it was dropped. It’s so clever and I love the use of colours.


I’m guilty of not having done my research for this film as I have actually only seen Split, I’m yet to watch Unbreakable. I definitely will have seen it before January when we get the final installment of M. Night Shyamalan’s trilogy Glass. Does this trilogy even have a name? I’ll call it the “James-McAvoy-is-a-fantastic-actor-and-was-robbed-of-a-nomination” trilogy for now. Honestly, why didn’t any one in any awards academy pick up on him, I think it’s possibly some of the best acting I’ve ever seen (big claim, I know, I’m an enthusiast).

Anyway, Glass, it’s due to tell us the story of Samuel L Jackson’s mysterious character Mr. Glass after we’ve already been introduced to James McAvoy and Bruce Willis’ characters in the previous films. Featuring Sarah Paulson as a mental psychiatrist who’s aim is to investigate these particular people and find out more about them and their abilities.

I am excited about it, Split was fantastic. I only had one gripe about the trailer, there’s a line that Paulson’s character says about them “believing they’re superheroes” which I just thought was so out of context. After having seen Split I would never have used the word superhero to describe these films, it just seemed completely out of place. They’re human beings with intense abilities but in no way would they be conceived as super heroes. Maybe it’s just me and I’ve missed something vital in the plot?

If anything I’m excited to see James McAvoy in all his glory again and Shyamalan has a way of making films that shouldn’t work, work.

I also heard a rumor that he may have featured other characters from his past films in Glass? Who knows if that’s true. But wouldn’t it be interesting if “I see dead people” sneaked in there somewhere.

Trailer: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6823368/videoplayer/vi2496051993

1. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindlewald

A beautiful poster, perfect theming, doesn’t give anything away other than the cast and has a real magical feel to it.

download (1)

Of course this is going to be my number 1 highlight from SDCC 2018. I think I’ve watched the trailer about 5 times already. 

The Fantastic Beasts films will never fill the hole of Harry Potter but they’re close. There’s so much within the new trailer for FB2 that gets me excited for it, starting off with the new Wizarding World logo. I was only thinking it was about time Warner Bros. came up with a name for the Potter-verse and The Wizarding World just seems perfectly appropriate. 

There’s no secrets as to the cast for the second installment of these films but that’s ok because I don’t think the fans would have expected anything other than what we’ve been given. Johnny Depp is obviously back as Gelert Grindlewald, Eddie Redmayne is reprising the role of Newt Scamander and we’re introduced to Jude Law’s rendition of the late great Albus Dumbledore. One thing I am most excited for is the return of Ezra Miller’s character, Credence Clearwater who we were led to believe has either died or disappeared at the end of the first film, he’s an interesting character who has room for a lot of character development. 

We get a scene of a flashback from Newt at Hogwarts in a Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson with Dumbledore as his professor, this has caused a few questions from Potter fans around the world because according to the books Dumbledore was a professor of Transfiguration, so what is he doing teaching a Defense Against the Dark Arts class? I personally am not that worried about it, but we’ll see how much it effects the film, if it’s just for one scene then I can get over it. 

After watching the trailer a few times and picking it apart I have been able to see two of the converted Deathly Hallows, there’s a close up of the Elder Wand and there’s a shot of a disembodied hand which implies the cloak of invisibility is somewhat involved. 

My absolute favourite thing about this clever trailer is how little of the plot is revealed, okay so we’ve got all the characters, there’s clear locations of Paris and London but we don’t actually know what is going to happen. And that creates the excitement desired from a film trailer. 

I cannot wait. 

Trailer: https://youtu.be/1y0hRocB9sM

Overall, SDCC 2018 sounds like it was a roaring success and one day I’ll be able to write one of these posts after having actually been there myself. 

I’ve included a few photos of my favourite cosplays from SDCC 2018 just to implement my love for cosplaying without babbling on about it any more. 

SDCC 2018 – Highlights