London Has Fallen

I can’t really decide what I thought of this film. It kind of speaks for itself and I’m glad it was only 99 minutes long.
The film takes place in London (hard to believe, I know) on the day of the British Prime Ministers funeral, he apparently died questionably in his sleep. That’s pretty much all we know about him. That and his name wasn’t David Cameron, however one of the main villains name is Cameron. Controversial?
What we do know is all the most important political leaders from all over the world are coming to London for the funeral so of course they’re all going to die except for the President of the US.
They all have very cheesy entrances to the city, the French Prime Minister is sat on a plush boat on the Thames acting like a bit of a dick, the German Congresswoman is stood admiring Buckingham Palace and the old German Prime Minister is swooning over his young girlfriend on the roof of Westminster Abbey, weird.
The film follows Gerard Butler, who’s characters name I have completely forgotten, around London trying to protect and later save the Presidents life. Aaron Eckhart has had a lot of practice when it comes to playing an important American politician and is actually getting quite good at it.

We all know what to expect from this film and really you get exactly that. Lots of explosions, lots of terrible one liners, lots of guns, lots of patriotism, lots of the F word and lots of a terrible American accent from Mr. Butler (and a happy ending for America, it didn’t get one scratch!)
There are lots of big bangs and London pretty much gets smashed to bits (which felt very strange having seen the film in a cinema on Piccadilly Circus) but all in all, for a film that was going to pretty much suck from the off, it was watchable if you’re into those kind of big budget, America rules, sexy old Gerard Butler films.

London Has Fallen