The Fabelmans

Director: Steven Spielberg

Writer: Steven Spielberg

Starring: Gabriel LaBelle, Michelle Williams, Paul Dano

Steven Spielberg brings this autobiographical tale to life, telling the story of a troubled family as they are relocated from New Jersey to California. The Fabelmans are made up of Mum (Michelle Williams), Dad (Paul Dano) Son Sammy (Gabriel LaBelle) and three daughters…oh and a monkey!

The story follows Sammy as he discovers a love for filmmaking and begins shooting his own short films with the undying support of his musician mother. His father, although having his reservations, stands by and watches as his son becomes a young man and passionate story teller.

When tragedy hits the Fabelmans home, the family struggle to recover and Sammy puts filmmaking to one side.

After a difficult few years dealing with bullying, his parents marriage crumbling and relationship struggles, Sammy returns to his passion and switches the camera on once again.

Every single shot in this 2 hour spectacle is so intricately thought out that it is impeccably easy to get completely absorbed by the magic of it. The storytelling is beautifully fluent with the narrative of Sammy’s love and heartbreak with his craft that it screams from the rooftops. Spielbergs heart and soul went into this film, that is clear to see, and the moments of his own experiences are vividly charming.

The direction is, as expected, utterly flawless. But a director is only as good as those he’s directing, and the performances shine from the entire cast. LaBelle will be a new face to most but this film will put him on the map as one to watch, his performance is honest and raw. Whilst the film is emotional, the moments of comedy are crafted with perfect skill.

The Fabelmans is both an ode to the beauty of cinema whilst being a powerful coming of age film. Thanks to its beautiful cinematography and stylish editing techniques it deserves to be seen on the big screen.

The Fabelmans

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