Boy Erased

Jared Eamons is an 18 year old boy getting ready to go off to college, he works at his Dads car dealership and spends the weekends with his friends at the beach. Mr Eamons is a pastor, he is a man of the church and believes solely in the greatness of God. Mrs Eamons is also a strong believer and spends her time supporting the two men in her life.

The Eamons live a happy, quiet, non-assuming life. Until Jared discovers he is gay.

In an attempt to “fix” his son of his “sins” Mr Eamons enrols Jared in a conversion therapy course which he believes will heal him of his homosexual ways.

Based on the memoirs of the real Jared Eamons, Boy Erased is a powerful, important story which highlights the unforgiving ways in which people all over the world are still being treated.

Lucas Hedges gives an incredible performance as Jared and delves deeply into the horrors of the characters past. Nicole Kidman portrays Mrs Eamons as a mother who is out of options but who is given an opportunity to protect her son when no one else will. Kidman’s performance is, as always, second to none. Russell Crowe plays Jared’s father, and although it is not the standout performance of the film, he performs it with passion and prowess.

The film contains some truly shocking scenes and writer/director Joel Egerton also gives face to the villain of the story as Mr Sykes, a twisted, evil man who believes he has the right to control these young people’s lives. There was also a surprise in the cast, Flea (of Red Hot Chilli Peppers fame) pops up as a “survivor” and gives a fantastic, albeit sinister, performance.

Egerton proves himself as not only the great actor we already know him for, but as an exceptional director. This film is full of heart and hatred and I believe is a must see for everyone.

Boy Erased

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