A Simple Favour

Stephanie (Anna Kendrick) has a perfectly comfortable life, she has a wonderful son, a beautiful house and a popular only Moms Vlog where she shows the world how to bake healthy snacks and fun arts and crafts for children to enjoy. On an average day whilst collecting her son from school Stephanie meets another Mum in the playground, Emily (Blake Lively). Their friendship flourishes when Stephanie is asked to collect Nicky, Emily’s son, from school one day. 4 days later Emily is no where to be seen. Her husband has no idea, her boss has no idea, no one has seen Emily. In what started out as a comfortable drama comedy the story takes twists and turns to keep the audience constantly guessing and turns into a gripping thriller.

As a whole I absolutely loved this film, I felt completely captivated by the entire production. The settings were incredible and the characters were fascinating. It takes some really dark turns and delves into plot points that I really would never have expected.

Constantly keeping you guessing and unsure who to trust and who you’re ever supposed to like, Pail Feig (Geeks & Freaks, The Heat, Sky) does a fantastic job with bringing this completely original story to life.

The cast were fantastic, such interesting choices for the two leads but so compelling to watch. Anna Kendrick was a complete stand out for me, she played the slightly crazed, overly perfect, deceitful best friend so perfectly. I was completely addicted to her throughout. Blake Lively was also fantastic.

The two kid actors playing their sons were brilliant, the young actor playing Nicky was perfectly on point. Brilliantly done.

A completely addictive script written by Jessica Sharzer adapted for screen from the original novel of the same name by Darcey Bell. The dialogue was perfectly executed and not over-used as can be a danger zone when creating dramas. It was full of witty lines which allowed the audience to enjoy this film, with all its dark themes, as a comedy.

I really loved it, absolutely brilliant and a strong female cast. I highly recommend.

You can see it in cinemas nation wide now.

A Simple Favour