The Lovers

This was the second film I went to see at the LFF today, The Lovers, another romantic comedy but this time instead of following the stories of young, conventionally attractive, creative people living trendy lifestyles in New York City, this film tells the story of a middle aged, married couple who are both having affairs.

The film starts off by setting the scene of Mary (Debra Winger) and Michael (Tracy Letts), a married couple of 30-ish years, living in a quiet suburban town both working boring office jobs. Both Mary and Michael have relationships going on outside of their marriage, we can see that their home life is boring and unsatisfying and the only happiness the two of them have comes from their affairs with other people. We learn that their son is coming to visit in a matter of weeks and with their respective partners they decide that that is going to be the time they come clean about their relationships and go their own separate ways. Of course these conversations are happening without the other one being aware of it. Just like in most comedy films, events get in the way that cause tensions between both couples, one of the main issues being that Mary and Michael realize they are still largely sexually attracted to each other which leads to more problems between them and their other partners. There’s a lot of crossed wires and betrayal between each other but what the film does so cleverly is makes those relationships seem utterly hilarious.

The film is charming and heart warming, its a wonderful story that tells the audience that an unhappy marriage is not always the answer and to simply, do what makes you happy. The whole film is absolutely hilarious, the two lead characters and portrayed with complete realism and warmth. I really can’t be more complimentary about the lead actors, they were just fabulous.

One thing I found utterly brilliant about this film is the lack of dialogue, it is such a quiet film, with majority of the narrative told purely through action, a true art and brilliant ability from the writer/director Azazel Jacobs.

I would give this film a strong 4 stars, easily one of my highlights of the Festival so far.

The Lovers

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