The Boy Downstairs

Today I went to see three films at the London Film Festival, The Boy Downstairs was the first one.
This charming romantic comedy follows a young couple, Dianna and Ben, as they deal with their relationship ending and they both move on with their own lives. After Dianna has lived in Europe for a substantial time she moves back to New York City and moves into a beautiful apartment, what she doesn’t know is that Ben has also recently moved in to the apartment downstairs.

Written and directed by Sophie Brookes, this film is full of great performances from the entire cast. I particularly loved Deirdre O’Connell’s character, Amy, she is the most wonderfully warming character who despite having her own demons to deal with, including the loss of her husband and her tired acting career, she still finds time to look after the tenants of her building. I found her so heartwarming and caring and she always put Diana first regardless of what she was dealing with. A truly motherly character.
Diana is also a really wonderful character, played perfectly by Zosia Marnet, her witty, sarcastic nature makes her addictive to watch.

I found this film so easy to watch and fall into, whilst watching it I developed a lot of care for the characters and their relationships with each other. I often say that there isn’t enough feel-good films around these days, it’s all doom and gloom or heavy stories, this is the perfect curl up on the sofa on a Sunday evening film.

I was lucky enough to see this film at the BFI London Film Festival, but I recommend catching it when it’s released in the Spring.


The Boy Downstairs

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