I’ve just watched Inferno, the third instalment of the Ron Howard film trilogy based on the Dan Brown series of books. The story of Inferno follows another puzzle filled adventure for Professor Robert Langdon as he tries to figure out why there are signs of the inevitable Dantes Inferno.
The film is full of twists and turns and clues that lead Langdon to eventually figure out why he is having so many hallucinations and what they mean.

Inferno stars the flawless Tom Hanks in the lead role with a very strong support cast lead by Felicity Jones who portrays the role of Langdons wing-woman, Dr. Sienna Brooks, incredibly well. The film is directed by the great Ron Howard who had found a real niche in these films and does the great works of Dan Brown real justice.

I really enjoyed it, I think it held on to a really gripping story well without straying too much from the core plot points. It also gives the audience a beautiful portrayal of Florence, Venice and Israel with some stunning locations and an insight to the history of these beautiful cities.

Very good, worth a watch and a truly compelling story.


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