Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written one of these, I’ve been busy and somewhat uninspired. However, if there is any film that is going to inspire me to write about the beauty of film making, it’s going to be the BFG. 

The BFG follows the story of a young girl called Sophie who is snatched in the night by a giant and taken to giant country. After getting to know him she names him the Big Friendly Giant, or BFG. She learns all about his life, his job as a dream giver and the big mean bully giants who make BFGs life a misery. With the help of, shall we say, a higher source, Sophie manages to make BFGs life better. 

Based on the beautiful work of Roald Dahl, the BFG is a warm, funny story that is bound to touch the hearts of adults and children a like. 

Mark Rylance, who most of you will know from Bridge of Spies, brings a true warmth to this film and manages to portray the innocence of this character in the most charming way. Under the direction of Steven Spielberg and the production techniques of Kathleen Kennedy the strong cast tells this story just how Roald Dahl wrote it.

I recommend this film to everyone,

Spielberg has done it again.