I honestly don’t think I can find anything bad to say about this film. As far as super-hero (or, maybe not “hero”) movies go this one is right up there with the best of the best. Its ability to not take anything too seriously, including itself, is just hilarious and works so perfectly.

At many points throughout the film, Wade Wilson makes jabs at the Marvel studio with a direct hit at all the previous X-Men films. The fourth wall is completely broken down and it’s just beautifully done, not too insulting but insulting enough. Oh I do have to add in here that Colossus is featured and for some unknown reason (maybe because of the original comic books, I wouldn’t know, I haven’t read them) he has developed a very thick Russian accent. Not the Colossus we know and love from the original X-Men trilogy.

In film I have never been a fan of the diary format, when the lead character spends most of the film either talking to the character or using a voice over – I usually think it dumbs down the film and is a writers way out of telling a complicated story, however in this film it just works, I’m not sure why or how they’ve managed it, but it works.

As far as I am aware, Ryan Reynolds had a lot to do with the making of this film and it’s taken a few years for the ball to start rolling on production, and I am so glad he pushed and pushed as hard as he did. You could feel his passion in the character, it makes up for the unsuccessful attempt at Deadpool in that one X-Men film we do not speak of.

It was brilliant, I loved it.

But please, it really should be an 18 certificate, I would not want a 15 year old seeing the first 20 minutes.


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