Good Will Hunting

I feel like I’ve missed something in my life.

I’ve just started watching this film for the first time, after years and years of saying “I really want to watch Good Will Hunting” and for some unknown reason I have been putting it off. But this morning, I have 3 hours until I have to start work, I decided the best way to pass some time is to sit and watch a truly good film, so I decided to go for it. And it is phenomenal. I love it already and I’ve only watched like 30 minutes.
Matt Damon is amazing. And Robin Williams (god rest his soul) hasn’t even come into it yet! Oh I lie, there he is. I miss him.

There is no better feeling in life, than discovering a great film. And it’s a film, not a movie. Just saying.

I didn’t get to watch any films yesterday because I was at college learning about films, we have to do a presentation comparing the editing techniques between two film makers, one from the past (1895 – 1945) and one from the present (1950 – now). I’m yet to decide who I want to study but when I do, I will let you know!

Stellen Skarsgard is in this film, he is, in my opinion, one of the most underrated actors of our time. I love him. He has an amazing presence in film and he brings something really raw to the films he’s in (that sounded kinda pretentious huh?) basically I just like him.

I’ve also spent a few hours this morning watching Gossip Girl, it’s kinda dumb but I do like it, sometimes you need a bit of dumb to get through the day.

Good Will Hunting


Hello world of no-one

I went to the cinema this afternoon to see Pan. I liked it, aside from the random bursting into Nirvana’s Smells like Teen Spirit, it was good. There were a few parts in it that seemed a bit weird, like, the story was kind of confusing, there was no explanation as to why Blackbeard wanted to stay young. Oh, and what was with James Hook’s weird voice and awkward behavior. But, as far as over the top, fantasy, CGI-fests go – it was good. Oh and Hugh Jackman makes a fab pirate. I love pirates.

Also, just found out that James Cameron is producing a series of original comic books based on the story of Avatar. I can’t wait! Eep! (Yes, I love Avatar. Deal with it.)



I went to see Suffragette last week. I liked it a lot, I think the acting was phenomenal. I just love Carey Mulligan, she was so raw and fresh and really did the character justice. There was a bit in it where she has to say goodbye to her son, oh man, it was so sad 😦

I just got completely distracted from what I was doing because I’m still watching the latest episode of Once Upon A Time, and I hadn’t watched any of the whole episode because I was doing this, and then in the very last scene Merida was in it, and I’m a HUGE Brave fan, she’s my favourite character, it’s my favourite film and I just love it. So I’m glad she’s back in it.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah!

Suffragette, yeah it was really good, I liked it. I think it could have been a bit deeper but then I suppose that’s what the film makers were going for so I can’t fault them really. Meryl Streep wasn’t in it enough. Helena Bonham Carter was incredible, as always.
What I’m saying is, if you haven’t seen it, you should. And if you don’t vote, you should.


A new hope

Charlie. (FEMALE!). 24. London.
Disney. Films. TV. Book worm.

I have no idea how to even start talking on this thing, my friends have told me I needed to start writing a blog about my new life because it’s a good way to share everything. I mean, I’ve been writing a diary now for 8 years so I guess I’m getting used to writing about my day but I don’t think it’s very exciting.

My world practically consists of going to work, going to college, sitting on the tube, squeezing on the tube and going to the cinema. The cinema is my way out, my escape, my happy place. I love it more than anything (except Disneyland, but that’s a story for another day) and I go a lot.

Today is actually a very special day in cinema history as it is October 21st 2015, the day Marty McFly traveled to in the future in Back to the Future Part 2. So what better day to start writing a blog about cinema? I was going to go to the cinema tonight to watch the marathon but I have a feeling my bum will go numb and I’ll be too tired so I decided to just watch them all at home, also I want to see Keith Lemmons TV special because my absolute favourite band will be on it, McBusted. I have seen them 20 times in concert and adore them. Obviously McFly is named after Marty and Busted have been very influenced by the BTTF franchise so it’s all magically linked.

I have the day off from college and work today so instead of doing what I should be, which is finishing off my first script and treatment for college, I am sat watching TV shows back-to-back and eating more than necessary. I have just started watching Gossip Girl, which I have a feeling I am going to get very addicted to. And I am now watching the latest Once Upon A Time which has now been on for 32 minutes and I don’t think I’ve really paid attention to more than 10 seconds of it. It’s just not as good as it used to be.

A couple of things about my likes/dislikes in the world of TV/film:
I am a life-long, dedicated Disney fan.
I hate Frozen.
I love most fandoms inc. Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Marvel, Star Wars, Maze Runner.
I am crazy about Alfred Hitchcock
My favourite film of all time is The Breakfast Club
I love musicals
My favourite directors are Speilburg and Burton
My favourite producers are Bruckheimer and Heyman
I don’t like Alfonso Curon. He ruined The Prisoner of Azkaban. Gravity is not a good film.

I love soap operas (mainly Eastenders and Corrie)
I love TV specials like Comic Relief, Children In Need
I watch Pointless every day.

I have a huge passion for Christmas and therefor love all Christmas films and TV shows, Christmas Day is not complete without Eastenders.
I don’t like Dr. Who…sorry.

A new hope